Air-cooled lighting reflectors are effective accessories for anyone serious about growing indoors. These lighting systems are designed to remove the excess amount of heat and thereby eliminate the problems heat creates with indoor grow room lighting.

Take a look at some of the benefits of air-cooled lighting reflectors and other products on the market.

Remove excess heat without the relative humidity

One of the principle advantages of air-cooled lighting reflectors is that they remove some heat but not the relative humidity. However, this desirable environment can only be achieved if the lighting accessory is set-up properly and the cooling system for the air-cooled grow lights is separate from the grow room’s ventilation system.

Prevents hotspots from forming

Air-cooled lighting accessories also help prevent hotspots from forming around the lamp. They can also stop the plants from burning as light intensity is increased by allowing growers to lower their lights.

Stops the extraction of added CO2

As growers extract less air from the grow room, air-cooled lighting reflectors prevent the extraction of added CO2.

Here are three quality and innovative air-cooled lighting products available to buy at National Hydroponics.

The LUMii Aerotube

The LUMii Aerotube is an innovative inline air-cooled reflector, which is used in conjunction with ducting fans, to enable air to flow through the reflector, thus providing greater control over the environment temperature.

Irradiator Air-Cooled Reflector

The Irradiator Air-Cooled Reflector features completely sealed double gasketed glass for an air-tight seal. The air-cooled reflector’s highly reflective aluminium interior provides superb reflectivity and diffusion.

AeroWing Air-Cooled Reflector

The AeroWing Air-Cooled Reflector is an effective accessory for all general grow room requirements where excess heat could cause problems. This quality air-cooling reflector allows you to grow ‘closer to the plant’ due to its unique air-cooled design that works by drawing air past the lamp through a six-inch outlay at the back of the lamp holder.

If you require any more information about air-cooling reflectors and accessories, get in touch with the National Hydroponics’ team of indoor gardening specialists.