Can growing plants without soil really be done? It can with the help of clay pebbles! Clay pebbles comprise of pieces of clay which have been fired in a kiln, which causes the substrate to expand. Being an organic substance, clay pebbles is a favourable substance in soilless gardening compared to many other substances.

The benefits of clay pebbles

The principle benefit of clay pebbles is that they are capable of retaining moisture, which is effective in optimising the efficiency of water supply. Being lightweight and porous, clay pebbles also increase aeration around the root systems of the plants.

Clay pebbles provide superb drainage, consequently helping to prevent rot root and other damage to root systems. As a result, clay pebbles are commonly used as a base layer and used alongside other grow mediums.

Given the fact clay pebbles have a long-life cycle and can be used over and over again, these products provide an environmentally-friendly gardening substrate for soilless growing.

National Hydroponics have clay pebble products in stock, including Growstones and Canna Clay Pebbles.

Growstones is an engineered substrate which provides an effective ratio between aeration and moisture to any hydroponic system. Growstones are specifically designed to enable for both moisture absorption and drainage.

Due to its small and large pores, growstone aggregates provide the perfect hydroponic substrate, as when it is irrigated, water is held in the small pores which quickly drains through the larger pores, promoting fresh air to flow through the substrate and bringing much-needed oxygen to the roots of plants. You can buy a 50L bag of Growstones at National Hydroponics for £19.00.

Canna Clay Pebbles are ideal for most hydroponic systems. Their rough porous texture holds significant amounts of water, which can drain with ease due to air gaps in the substrate. By oxygenating rootzones, Canna Clay Pebbles help reduce issues created by waterlogging. A 45L bag of Canna Clay Pebbles can be purchased at National Hydroponics costing £16.