Bio Bizz All Mix 50L


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Bio Bizz All Mix 50L

All·Mix is a high quality, heavily pre-fertilised soil mixture, this is not your average garden centre soil mix! It has been designed to be on par with rich outdoor soil with a full micro active eco system, but in such a way that it has enough power to sustain lush plant growth for a couple of weeks with no extra fertiliser required.

BioBizz All-Mix consists of a mixture of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high quality worm manure, 30% perlite and 5% Pre-Mix. Composted together to ensure ideal microbial flora activity and high nutrient availability and fertility, a living soil of the highest grade.

100% organic – OMRI and SKAL certified.

Highly recommended for any gardener looking for a top quality soil!

Another great product from Bio-Bizz is Light Mix. This has been specifically formulated for seedlings and cuttings for organic growers who want to control their plant growth by applying liquid fertilisers right from the word grow!


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