EnviroGro PRO CFL Twin Lamp Reflector




The EnviroGro PRO CFL Twin Lamp Reflector accepts two EnviroGro CFLs and other makes of self ballasted lamps up to 300 watt.

These reflectors are great for mixing different light spectrums as they are fitted with two independent on/off switches giving the user the control they need.

Its ergonomic design means it fits perfectly into a LightHouse 1.2 grow tent (MAX or LITE). This system has a cool running double wall and multiple vent design and twin dual parabolic inner reflectors.

For plants on a long term flowering or fruiting cycle, it can be beneficial to use both a Cool White (6400k) and a Warm White (2700k) lamp within the same unit. This provides a more complete spectrum and caters for both the plants ongoing growth/flower initiation (cool) and the continued fruit set and ripening (warm).

Thus keeping plants compact and bushy whilst still maintaining high flower density and fruit yields. The system is low profile and is very easy to hang.

L: 530mm x W: 650mm x H: 180mm


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