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Kind K5 Series LED Lighting System

Taking the success of the K3 Series of LED lighting system, with further research and development, Kind bring to the market, the fantastic K5 Series of LED lighting systems which simply blows the majority of the completion out of the water with improved power, light intensity and functionality.

Although on the exterior, the K3 and K5 series look similar, the difference between the two are quite staggering. Firstly, the actual LED’s are an optimal mix of 3 and 5 watt, which produces the perfect amount of usable light, intensity and canopy penetration. Too many 5 watt LED’s and the unit will run too hot, which goes against the grain of why growers choose LED lighting in the first place, but with a mix of 3 and 5 watt, the light still runs cooler than its HID counterpart, but with the added intensity of the 5 watt diodes will help push your plants yields above and beyond expectation.

As with the K3, the K5 also utilises a 12 band light spectrum (both visible and invisible to the human eye), but the K5 has Digital Tuning, meaning that you have complete control over what spectrum of light is emitted. This is particularly important as depending on what cycle the plants are on, whether propagation, vegetative growth or flowering, the K5 LED grow lamp can be tweaked to suit the plants wants and needs.


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