Lighthouse Pop-Up Drying Net 6 Tier




Lighthouse Pop-Up Drying Net

Supplied in its own incredibly convenient carry case, this Lighthouse Pop-Up Drying Net is the perfect companion for the grower looking to speed up every part of the drying process. It features an impressive capacity to allow for quick drying of a large number of plants, and takes no time at all to set up. It couldn’t be easier!

  • Non-absorbent fabric to avoid mould and pathogens
  • Fully collapsible structure for easy storage
  • Easy to use – just hang from a hook and you’re good to go!
  • Large compartments accomodate high volumes of plant
  • Pop-up configuration allows for rapid set-up


The Lighthouse Pop-Up Drying Net makes drying your crops as easy as camping with a pop-up tent, providing a sizeable 6 shelf drying platform made of perforated, non-absorbent fabric that is easily contained within a handy 30cm carry case. Once you’ve finished drying your produce out, it can be folded back into its original case for easy transportation and convenient storage.


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