LUMii Compacta TIMA 18/12 Ballast




The first magnetic power pack with built in digital timer. It has 3 settings; a vegetative growth setting (18 hours on and 6 hours off); a flower setting (12 hours on and 12 hours off) and permanently on – which bypasses the timer. All Compacta units have digital ignition that is timed and intelligently monitors your lamp.

It will not ignite old lamps that have a danger of overloading. This ballast runs high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. LUMii True Power means that your 600w lamp gives a true 600w of power. Some inferior ballasts use less internal winding and deliver less power and therefore less lamp output. It is cool and silent running.

The LUMii Compacta TIMA has the most windings on the market, although this costs more to produce – it means the unit will run cooler and more efficiently offering a high power factor (pF). It is wall mountable and supplied with anti-acosutic resonance feet. Patent pending.


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