Multi-Duct – MD300 Single Channel NFT




f you want the same results as The Gro-Tank but want a bigger system THE MULTI-DUCT is for you. Why buy two Gro-Tanks when a larger system will do the same job? More importantly you only have one nutrient tank to monitor.

The Multi-Duct is a NFT growing system and comes in 3 sizes all details listed below. The MD 100 and 200 are identical apart from a larger nutrient tank and stand are supplied with the 200, both systems are 5′ x 3′. The MD 300 is 10′ x3′. All systems come as complete kits or parts can be sold separately.

The perfect partner to our Gro Tanks is the time saving Auto Top Up System. It’s the perfect solution if you wish to leave your plants for longer but still achieve fantastic results. When connected to a header tank the simple device maintains the level of nutrient solution in your NFT system and takes the work out of growing!

Why the larger Multi-Duct?

  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient.
  • Easy access to pump and nutrient.
  • Large volume of nutrient solution to plant capacity.
  • Absence of root disease, typical in soil grown plants.
  • Unlimited supply of oxygen.
  • Low level system to maximize headroom.

Available with either a black or white top plate. The MD300 is two channels facing each other.

  • Tank Dimensions: 47″(120cm) x 27.5″(70cm) x 9.5″(24cm)
  • Tank Volume: 123 Litres


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