Trounce Insecticide Concentrate 500ml




Trounce Insecticide Concentrate 500ml

If you’re looking for a way to tackle spider mites, thrips, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insect and caterpillars, then look no further! Trounce has gained a great reputation amongst growers in the USA and Canada for its pest killing properties – and with good reason! Its two naturally derived ingredients work symbiotically to deliver a rapid hammer-blow to common pests. This concentrated version is great value, making up to 10 litres for use in a spray gun.

  • Trounce – a well-respected product in the US and Canada
  • Highly concentrated – produces up to 10 litres
  • Extremely fast acting
  • Harmless to humans when used correctly
  • Naturally derived
  • Kills a long list of common pests, including spider mites

Trounce Insecticide / Acaricide Contains:

1 x litre of Concentrated Trounce formula

How Trounce Insecticide / Acaricide works:

Trounce is a highly effective insecticide / acaricide that uses natural ingredients to tackle a long list of garden pests, including whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insect, caterpillars, spider mites and mealy bugs. The main ingredient in Trounce is potassium fatty acid, otherwise known as insecticidal soap. The fatty acids have a devastating effect on the cell membranes of delicate soft bodied insects. The membrane damage causes cell contents to escape, weakening their outer shell and triggering a very rapid death for many of the pests that tend to cause indoor gardeners the most headaches, particularly spider mites and thrips. Insecticidal soap is also relatively harmless to friendlier creatures, like lady birds and bumblebees.

Trounce also contains Pyrethrins, which are naturally derived extracts of a particular strain of Chrysanthemum, known as Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium. Pyrethrins are powerful neurotoxins that destroy insects by attacking their nervous systems, while remaining relatively harmless to humans when used sensibly.

If that wasn’t enough in itself, when the two main ingredients are combined, they work together to actively enhance each other. The potassium fatty acid in Trounce acts as surfactant. Surfactants decrease the surface tension between liquids and solids, creating better overall leaf coverage and improving the delivery of the pyrethrins.

This highly concentrated liquid can be diluted to produce 10 litres of Trounce Spray for use in your chosen spray-gun, making it excellent value for money.

Using Trounce Insecticide / Acaricide Insecticide:

Before use, Trounce Concentrate should be diluted at a rate of 50ml per litre of water. Ideally, you should use rain water or soft water to acheive the best possible results. Add the resulting liquid to a suitable spray-gun and spray a test area of a few leaves the night before applying to the rest of your crop. Spray both sides of leaf surfaces thoroughly. After testing, apply at weekly intervals no more than four times if you intend to consume the end product.

It is far better to spray during dark periods when lights are off, reducing the chances of leaf burning that can occur when droplets of liquid act on leaves in a similar way to a magnifying glass in the sun. If using outside, do not spray leaves when exposed to direct sunlight. The longer the solution stays on leaves as a liquid before evaporating, the more effective Trounce is – this may sound a little obvious, but spraying an hour or two after your lights switch off will allow temperatures to cool in your grow area and will expose any pests in your grow area to Trounce for the longest possible period of time.

Do not use near pets and do not inhale the spray. Cover any aquariums up before spraying and always follow the precautions specified on the packaging to the letter.


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