Wilma Large 18L 4 Pot




Wilma Large 18L 4 Pot

This is the Wilma complete 4-pot Dripper Hydroponics system for small-medium grow-spaces. Great value-for-money and incredibly easy to use. Uses large 18 Litre pots for larger plants. The following video shows how to set up a slightly different system but the principle is still the same for the Big 4 x 18 pot Wilma dripper system:

  • Atami Wilma Dripper System – Great for beginners or experts
  • Ideal for a 1.0m or 1.2m square tent or similar size grow-space
  • Comes with tried-and-tested Maxijet MJ-500 pump
  • Can be used with virtually any grow-medium – soil, coco, clay pebbles or rockwool
  • Timer can be added for timed feedings
  • High oxygen environment when used with clay pebbles gives rapid root growth

The Wilma 4 x 18 Litre Pot Dripper System Contains:

1 x Reservoir Tank, 1 x Top Tray, 4 x 18 Litre Pots, 1 x Maxi-Jet MJ-500 Pump, 1 pump manifold, Drip-lines, 4 flood drippers, 4 arrow drippers, full instructions.


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